10 Awesome Modified Hondas That Aren’t A Civic

10 Awesome Modified Hondas That Aren’t A Civic

Honda has one of the most diverse lineups of any JDM manufacturer, and yet in the US at least, there’s one model that seems to draw most of the attention: the Civic. The trusty family favorite has been in constant production since 1972, and its combination of affordability and reliability has meant it has become one of the most commonly modded cars of all. However, there’s a lot more to Honda than just the Civic.

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In fact, they’ve made a whole host of mod-ready cars over the years, from retro hatchbacks like the Accord Aerodeck to futuristic supercars like the NSX. Some of the cars here are fairly mainstream choices for project car builders, but there are also a few awesome builds out there that use Honda models that no one would expect. Let’s take a closer look at ten of the coolest Honda builds that have been shown off on social media over the last year or so that aren’t a Civic.

10 Anime Del Sol

It doesn’t get much more Japanese than seeing a stanced Nineties Honda with an anime livery, and this Del Sol is exactly that. The Del Sol is far from the most well-loved Honda model, in fact in some ways it’s considered a bit of a failure.

Perhaps it’s a bit unfair to judge the Del Sol quite so harshly, as it can still be a fun little car to drive, especially if it’s been modified for some extra power. Plus, with the Volk Racing TE37 wheels fitted, it looks undeniably cool.

9 Race-Ready Integra Type R DC5

Honda has a rich heritage spanning many forms of motorsport, and one of the best ways for buyers to tap into that heritage is to buy a Type R car. The most high-profile Type R is the Civic, but there are plenty of other models available with the legendary badge, and one of them is the Integra.

The DC5 generation of the Integra was to be the last, as Honda axed the model and didn’t develop a successor. This build makes the most of the brand’s racing legacy while adding visual and mechanical improvements to make the car even hotter than a stock Type R.

8 Stealthy Accord

The Accord is an underrated member of the Honda family, as it’s been in production almost as long as the Civic, and it’s always been a reliable car with plenty of modification potential in the right hands.

This example uses a body kit and bagged suspension to achieve an ultra-low look that’s reminiscent of the classic VIP builds that started emerging from Japan in the Nineties. Its owner hails from Alabama, but this Accord could fit in seamlessly at any traditional Japanese spot like Daikoku.

7 Clean Integra DC4

When it first debuted, the DC4 Integra was considered by critics to be one of the best-handling FWD cars of all time. Here, it’s been given a makeover in Canary Yellow with Mugen parts and TE37 wheels like the Del Sol above.

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It’s also got one of the cleanest engine bays of any Integra we’ve seen, with every aspect polished and detailed. It’s also been fitted with nitrous, in case its owner needs an extra sudden boost of power.

6 Subtly Modded NSX

The NSX is simultaneously one of Honda’s greatest achievements and one of its most underrated cars. It never sold as well as Honda hoped, and the second generation of the car has been recently axed for similar reasons.

However, the relatively low prices of NSXs have allowed a small community of owners to modify their cars in a variety of ways. This build is on the milder end, with only a few cosmetic alterations to differentiate it from the crowd.

5 K-Swapped CR-Z

The Honda CR-Z was supposed to be the spiritual successor to the CR-X, but when it launched, fans were generally disappointed. It wasn’t really any faster than a regular Honda hatchback, and its styling was uninspiring, to say the least.

However, swapping the engine out and replacing it with the K20A from a Civic Type R is a surefire way to inject some excitement into the car. Add in Recaro racing seats and a roll cage and this CR-Z becomes a pocket rocket that’s surely a hoot to drive.

4 Widebody Honda e

Honda’s all-electric e supermini is only a recent addition to the lineup, and so far it’s not made too much of an impact on the market outside its home territory of Japan. Nevertheless, it’s on sale in the UK, which is where this build hails from.

With a widebody kit in the works, this modded e might well be one of the first of its kind in the world. It looks amazing, so let’s hope that other project car builders begin working on these quirky cars soon.

3 Stanced S2000

The S2000 is a high-revving gem that demands to be driven hard, but it also lends itself very well to modification. Like many other popular Honda builds, this example features TE37 wheels, this time in a shade of bright white.

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It also features a body kit and a rear wing plus bagged suspension to get it sitting as low as possible. The owner is a regular at car shows around Japan and, from the looks of their Instagram, takes the S2000 on road trips around the country.

2 Sinister NSX

In stark comparison to the lightly modified NSX seen earlier, this “sinister” example has been given a thorough overhaul. It comes with a widebody kit, rear wing, and a roll cage that’s painted bright yellow to contrast the sleek grey exterior.

The car is based in California and its owner has managed to bag the license plate, “SNSTER”, to get the point across that this isn’t an ordinary NSX. Although with a body kit like that, no one would be mistaking it for stock anyway.

1 Slammed Accord Aerodeck

Sometimes the best builds start with a humble car and add to its existing character rather than trying to transform it. That’s exactly what the owner of this Accord Aerodeck has done, with a retro roof rack and period-correct wheels.

The aftermarket taillights are a nice touch, and the bagged suspension gives it that typical stanced look, but there’s still plenty of retro charm left to shine through with this JDM classic. Aerodecks are becoming an increasingly rare sight across the world as more of them fall victim to rust, but this build shows why they deserve to be kept on the road for as long as possible.


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