10 Things We Just Learned About Tucci Hot Rods’ Ford Maverick Street Truck

10 Things We Just Learned About Tucci Hot Rods’ Ford Maverick Street Truck

One of the world’s most anticipated motor shows SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association show, held in Las Vegas attracts over 60,000 professional visitors combined with 150,000 manufacturers, buyers, and industry representatives also in attendance. Not open to the public, the SEMA show has grown from its humble roots into one of the main events for vehicle fabricators and customizers to showcase their work, with a number of highly regarded awards being allocated to those deemed worthy.

Favorite amongst many attendees are the beautifully modified and much-improved array of vehicles offered up by smaller design studios or fabrication houses, each taking inspiration from the deepest recesses of their creator’s individual minds. Amongst these fantastic creations were a vast number of crossover and SUV vehicles thanks to the classes enormous appeal and whilst there are many who think that there are only a handful of trucks and SUV’s that have been modified to perfection, Tucci Hot Rods proved that the list would have to make room for one more.

Taking the show by storm, the pale blue stylized Maverick is a show-stopping wonder that incorporates fantastic detailing, eye-grabbing design, and some retro-inspired cues that make it a stand-out offering. Simply awesome to look at and well-deserving of the high praise it has received, here are 10 things we just learned about Tucci Hot Rods’ Ford Maverick Street Truck

10 Who Are Tucci Hot Rods?


A father and son team, Dave and Dom Tucci, the family-run company is based out of New York and has become renowned for creating some truly incredible concept and street vehicles that push the envelope of custom design.

tucci bronco

From the more traditionally styled 1931, Ford Model ‘A’ hot rod that broke cover in 2015 to its wild tank tracked Ford Bronco that got tongues wagging at the more recent 2021 SEMA show, the Tucci duo know how to make a lasting impression.

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9 Ripe For Modification


Touted as one of the companies most important future vehicles, the Ford Maverick is a compact truck that promises to be fun, flexible, and affordable, promising to offer more usability than an SUV but the same amount of comfort.


Designed from the off to be highly customizable, the 2022 Ford Maverick comes in a range of trim levels, each with engine options that will cater to just about every customer need. Think of it as an automotive blank canvas for the creative to stamp their mark.

8 The Tucci 2022 Maverick Hot Rod

tucci side view

Taking the challenge offered up by Ford to indeed put their own special stamp on the truck, Tucci took everything it knew about hot rods and pumped up the Maverick’s image to heights of cool that the Ford designers could only ever have dreamt of.

tucci wheels

Looking sleek and purposefully muscular, the Tucci Hot Rods Ford Maverick is a wonderful piece of automotive modification and fabrication, not overly fussy, the wild truck was able to draw high praise from executives at Ford itself.

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7 A SEMA Sensation

tucci lights

A SEMA show highlight the Tucci Maverick drew huge crowds and, more importantly, prospective buyers as a number of orders were placed for both completed vehicles and the various bespoke styling accessories that were on display.


Winning the Ford Performance award for the best vehicle on the Ford stand, the Maverick is destined to complete a rigorous 18 months worth of road work touring various automotive shows before eventually being sold off.

6 Innovative Styling


Nearly all of the exterior bodywork parts were created in-house on the Tucci 3D printer, with the fender flares, roof spoiler, front lip, and turbofan wheels all being one-off design pieces that help create a distinct look.

maverick rear

In addition to its own fabricated units, Tucci raided the Ford Performance Catalogue for the tailgate spoiler, bed liner, bed cover and tailgate assist mechanism before turning to Borla for the twin piped cat-back exhaust setup.

5 A Whale Tail Revival

maverick wing

One of the most notable features of the Tucci Maverick, and a fantastic throwback for anyone who appreciates historic fast Fords, is the enormous Whale Tail spoiler that proudly protrudes from the back of the cab and extends proudly over the bed.


Like an homage to the mighty Ford Escort Cosworth, the spoiler proudly tips its head to Ford’s impressive fast road car program of days gone by and is a welcome styling addition that many thought they would never see grace a fast Ford ever again.

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4 Plenty Of Power And Pace

2022 ecoboost

Beneath the blue hood lies Ford’s highly respected 2.0-liter Ecoboost engine, a four-cylinder turbocharged unit that puts out 250 hp with 227 lb-ft of torque, allowing for flexibility of in-gear performance and a potential 29 mpg on the highway.

tucci front fender

In standard engine format, the Maverick will hustle to 60mph in a relaxed 7 seconds, but thanks to the highly tunable Ecoboost engine power levels can be elevated easily with a number of options available for those seeking more power.

3 Awesome Design Flourishes


From the twinned carbon-fiber tips of the Borla exhaust to the four individual deep Recaro racing seats inside the Tucci Maverick is a well-thought-out project that begs onlookers to pause and look at the thought and work that went into making it a reality.


The Tucci Maverick though still retains the look of a vehicle that could be used as a daily driver, unlike some of the wilder less practical creations that often grace the stands at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show.

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2 Loads Of Standard Fit Equipment

2022-maverick stereo

The sporting steering wheel and race-inspired Recaro bucket seats suitably complement the already extensive list of equipment that Ford crams into its XLT specification Maverick, a vehicle that is simply loaded with everything a driver needs.

tucci interior shot

Sporting an eight-inch center infotainment screen, the Maverick can come equipped with a Luxury pack that gives owners luxuries such as remote start, heated mirrors, wireless phone charging, and even the option for a B&O sound system.

1 Potential For Production

Tucci Maverick outside

Having grabbed the attention of everyone in attendance, the Tucci Maverick caused a massive stir and several keen buyers showed an interest in purchasing a similar specification vehicle from the design house.

full rear

With talks now starting between the creators and third-party suppliers regarding the possibility of supplying a possible aftermarket kit for the Maverick, it looks as if a Tucci spec truck could be seen on the road soon.

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