15 Cars That Only Look Good In Black

15 Cars That Only Look Good In Black

When we say the name Ferrari, what car are you thinking of first? Perhaps a gorgeous Ferrari Enzo, but which color are you imagining? If you’re imagining anything other than red, you’re truly one in a million. That’s because though Maranello’s products do exist in other colors, most of us know that it would be crazy not to get a red one because… Ferrari.

Updated May 2022: While it’s hard to find a single car model on the market that’s not offered in black, some models simply wear this color better than others. We’ve updated this list with more brand-new models buyers should seriously consider getting in black.

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On the other hand, there are some cars that scream for something different, basic, and elegant. You might say that they have a red door, but they’d like it painted black. There are valid reasons to not buy a black car. They absorb heat much more than other cars. They also show dust and pollen more easily. Buying a black car is an invitation to spend a lot of time at the local car wash. But hey, supermodels are high-maintenance too, but you wouldn’t refuse to date one just because he or she needed more attention, would you?

Black paint jobs on cars are not only as a supermodel when it comes to being high-maintenance; they are also sleek, sexy, and have a timeless beauty. And just like supermodels, a lot of the appeal of a black paint job is determined by the subject’s body.

Some wear it better than others.

15 Lamborghini Murciélago

Let’s start off this list with one of the coolest supercars of all time, the Lamborghini Murciélago. This Lambo supercar was the first vehicle to emerge out of their factory after Volkswagen took ownership of Lamborghini, and to this day it’s seen as one of the coolest supercars ever produced. Tucked behind the driver and passenger’s seats was a naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V12 engine that put 572 hp to all four wheels, and if you were fortunate enough to find one with a gated manual gearbox, you’d be driving one of the best cars ever produced. Oh, and best of all, the Spanish word “Murciélago” roughly translates to “The Bat” in English, so it’s no wonder Bruce Wayne himself drove one, and it looks so perfectly finished in black.

14 Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge

Rolls-Royce as a brand is seen as the pinnacle of what a luxury vehicle should be, so it’s no wonder they sell for those absurd prices. And if you happen to have about $500,000 lying around, and you don’t spec your Ghost with the Black Badge pack and finish it off in black, you really should reevaluate your life choices. When you see a black Rolls rolling around with just the right amount of understated shiny chrome accents, you can’t help but stare in envy and wonder what celebrity is being chauffeured around today. Sometimes style comes at a price, in this instance quite a hefty premium-sized one.

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13 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray

Back in the day, there was a concept racer built by GM and designated as “Sting Ray.” The idea was that the rolling front quarter-panels resembled the locomotive undulations of the swimming motion of the fish of the same name. The production line of Corvettes that followed in the early to mid-1960s adopted the look.

The sun set on the Corvette Stingrays in 1968. That was that until somebody decided to revive the name for a 2009 concept car and the Stingray was reborn! And it looks great in black. Since the C7 has been discontinued, GM continued on with the Stingray name, known as the C8 Corvette Stingray, and it’s one potent baby supercar.

12 Abarth 124 Spider

The Abarth 124 Spider shares its platform, but not its engine, with the Mazda MX-5 Miata, but that’s not a bad thing. This means it handles superbly, has a gorgeous silhouette and because the roof is retractable, it makes for one engaging driving experience too. In black, the so-called “Fiata” really shines. Its Italian design language really gets accentuated, and if you happen to find one with black wheels as well, it just adds to its menacing appearance. Sure, the word “menacing” might not sound appropriate for a car that produces only around 160 hp, but it really looks like nothing else on the road, and everyone will stare and think to themselves, “what the hell was that – I want one.”

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11 BMW M2 Competition

In case you didn’t know, BMW was one of the first manufacturers to put variable valve timing into their cars. This was a while back but the system they used was an electric motor to rotate the camshaft(s) based on the speed of the crankshaft. It may not seem like much now, but back in the day, it was pretty heady stuff. Unfortunately, it also gave Bimmers the rep of being very “dealer-centric” and high maintenance.

Remember what we said earlier about auto-related things being high maintenance? The M2’s heritage goes back to the 1970s 2002 model line. In many people’s minds that “Bucktooth Bimmer” took root as the definition of the brand, at least outside Germany. Since the introduction of the new 2-Series, we haven’t gotten official figures or images of the brand-new BMW M2, but we do have some pics of the prototype. Alternatively, if the M2 Comp is too bland for your taste, the last trim level the M2 came offered in was called the CS, and it looked absolutely brilliant when finished in black with contrasting gold wheels.

10 Dodge Durango SRT

GM and Chevrolet have been the kings of the “land-yacht” SUV market for a while, but there is a solid argument to be made in favor of Dodge as being the ruler of the midsize model. Maybe it’s because Chrysler was the birth canal of the minivan in the 1980s, or perhaps it’s because Dodge’s parent company has changed hands so many times in the 21st Century. Regardless of the underlying reasons, the tip of that iceberg is the Dodge Durango.

When the Durango gets dressed up in black and has a 6.4-liter V8 Hemi under the hood, then it’s straight outta suburbia! The Durango’s chassis is low to the ground and more of the rear seat and cargo area is usable from outside the vehicle.

9 Land Rover Range Rover

The thing about SUVs is that when they put on tuxedo colors, they seem to be wedded to a hip-hop image. If you roll out a Cadillac Escalade in either white or black, there’s a good chance someone nearby will break out beatboxing.

But if there’s anything that Marvel Comics movies have taught us, secretive government agencies like their SUVs. Like the Durango, the Range Rover is built lower to the ground. That makes it much easier for special agents in suits and sunglasses to hop in and out. In black, especially Borealis Black with a matte finish, the Double R gives off a stealth vibe that’s covert in intelligence but overt in power. The monstrous V8-powered luxury land yacht will set you back almost $2000,000, but since the Men in Black are paying, who cares?

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8 Volvo V90 R-Design

Indeed, the 240, 740, 850, 940, V70, and V90 are all classics of the Volvo brand. The V70 spawned the original Cross Country wagon in the 1990s, mainly as a response to the growth in popularity of truck-based SUVs. That XC-70 (the “X” stands for “cross”, the “C” for country) was probably the moment that Volvo dropped the baton in the family hauler race. (This benefited Subaru and its Outback, which quickly and neatly picked up the stick and ran with it.)

While the Cross Country was meant for the adventurous buyer, the R-Design was all about performance. The new V90 possesses a good look and a lot of leather. It also bumps up the base V90 from a T5 to a T6 engine with 316 hp. The T6 is both turbo and supercharged with the goal of eliminating any lag in acceleration. It is naturally a very safe ride too.

7 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE

The SS designator in the GM/Chevrolet universe is a pretty special one. There was a time when it signified the fastest car in the universe. In the 21st Century, the SS designator has been spread a bit thin over Chevrolet/Holden’s offerings.

Old school fans still have a great deal of respect for these two letters, but the ZL1 badge is for the even more power-hungry. The ZL1 Camaro comes with a supercharged 6.2-liter engine which produces 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque, it also comes with a 6-speed manual transmission and Brembo brakes. We don’t know what exactly it is, but there’s something scary, almost demonic to the ZL1’s appearance in black, and we love to see it.

6 Infiniti QX30

We know the QX30 isn’t quite as special as other entries on our list, but this list wouldn’t be complete without somewhat of an “ordinary” car. This Infiniti is as gorgeous on the inside as it is on the outside, and if you’re looking for a stylish subcompact SUV without stooping down to the level of a Toyota CH-R, it is a good option.

The QX30 with the Premium Sport package will set you back $35,000 or so. That’s not an incredibly large amount, but remember it’s only a 4-banger with just 205 hp, so it’s limited in what it can carry. Still, it features good AWD footing for bad weather and looks extremely classy in black.

5 Ford Raptor

Toyota kind of got the whole ball rolling in terms of mixing performance with pickups — at least as far as modern production trucks go — with its TRD and X-Runner models. While the TRDs set the stage, Ford’s snarling beauty has really set the high mark since its introduction less than 10 years ago.

The latest version has seen the engine changed from a burly V8 to the turbocharged and still powerful 3.5-liter V6 from Ford’s EcoBoost line. It is unique to the Raptor with twin turbos that make 450 hp and 510 lb-ft for pulling, so it is still a thriller. All the exterior eye candy (i.e. the special badging and decals) will run you an extra $10,000 or so which brings its price tag to around $60,000. If you’re going to spend that kind of dough, be ready to take it off-road. And of course, get it in black.

4 Jaguar XJ

There is perhaps no better definition of the little black dress and formal black tuxedo in car form than the Jaguar XJ. The car can trace its roots way back into the history of the brand and to a lot of people, it’s still The Jaguar.

The XJ had a less youthful image and was considered the type of thing British royals would drive. But if you wanted to convey elegance, you went for the XJ. Bond would drive an E-type, but the Queen would drive by in an XJ. It was as simple as that.

The Jaguar brand, of course, is now no longer strictly British, though it does count Land Rover as one of its recently acquired cousins. That hasn’t removed the class from the XJ, though. Like the black color it wears so well, some things never go out of style.

3 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

A long time ago, a lot of early automotive testing went on in eastern and northern Africa. A lot of that was undertaken by Germans working for German automotive “start-ups”. Yeah, German carmakers were startups roughly 120 years ago. Imagine that.

Today high-priced SUVs seem to be built for the sole purpose of selling them as lifestyle eye-candy. The G63 is definitely one of these. On the other hand, it is also a fully capable vehicle with ridiculous power: 577 hp from a twin-turbo V8. Coupled with unmatched off-road capability, that’s not bad for $160,000 if you’ve got that kind of scratch. If some SUVs give off the Secret Service vibe then this one does it with a driving techno rhythm. Get the black one.

2 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Ford Mustangs, thank goodness, are not yet the stuff of ink-jets or FaceBook self-portraits. But there are an awful lot of models of this iconic pony car roaming the streets. Ditto for the competition’s models too, of course. We can also be grateful that the tradition of purposeful crafting that started with Carrol Shelby is still celebrated by the blue oval.

The beauty of the Mustang’s pedigree is further highlighted by the serpentine badging of the Shelby edition; the red accents of the Brembos and the Cobra emblem itself announce the car’s DNA. True, the classic Shelby livery is white and navy blue (or red over white, depending on which generation you hail from) but the simplicity of black with just a few hints of cardinal crimson says that the racer can also pull off a tuxedo, or perhaps you’d prefer the black GT500-H that has complementary gold stripes.

1 BMW 3.0 CSL

To finish off our list today, we’ll be talking about a no-brainer, the BMW 3.0 CSL, also known as the Batmobile when fitted with the aero package like the one in the picture above. The CSL was a homologation special car based on the BMW E9, and it had a peppy 3.0-liter straight-six engine that produced more than 200 hp. There have been some rumors flying around that BWM will finally put the 3.0 CSL Hommage Concept into production, but for the time being, the only Bimmer with the CSL badge confirmed to be released soon is the new M4 CSL.

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