Every Car & Truck Type In GRID Legends

Every Car & Truck Type In GRID Legends

GRID Legends is an upcoming racing video game featuring over 100 vehicles at launch, comprised of nine car and truck classes. First revealed at EA Play Live 2021, GRID Legends will be the fifth game in the GRID franchise developed by Codemasters and published by Electronic Arts. GRID Legends is set to be released on February 25th, 2022 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. GRID Legends will be $59.99 on all platforms at launch, and will also be available on EA’s premium subscription service, EA Play Pro.

GRID Legends focuses on motorsport variety, allowing players to choose from a huge roster of 100+ cars and nine different car classes. From semi-trucks to electric cars to high-performance supercars, the latest entry in Codemasters’ racing franchise should cater to different kinds of racing fans, as showcased in the GRID Legends trailer. Players can race cars on one of GRID Legends’ 22 tracks and, as each map has multiple routes such as short or reverse routes, players can choose from 143 routes in total. The three difficulties are Amateur, Semi-Pro, and Pro, which players will unlock as they progress through the GRID Legends’ Career mode.


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The nine car & truck types players can choose from in GRID Legends include Touring, Drift, Trucks, Special, Electric, Open Wheel, Tuner, Track Day, and GT. Not all cars will be available to players immediately, as players will need to progress through the game’s Career mode and complete milestones to accumulate in-game currency, which can then be spent to unlock cars of their choosing. Once a car is unlocked, the more miles wracks up in a vehicle, the more upgrades for the car will be unlocked. While players might be disappointed they have to unlock the cars they want to drive, players will have the option to ‘loan’ cars that they don’t own, as drivers could in 2019’s GRID. This is a good option for players looking to test drive different vehicles and car classes before spending their in-game currency.

GRID Franchise Fan-Favorite Touring Category Is Back

Every Car & Truck Type In GRID Legends Touring Cars

First up is GRID Legends’ touring class, which allows players to get a piece of touring car action, a fan-favorite in the GRID game franchise. GRID Legends will include more cars than ever before in the Touring category. The cars in the category are split up by difficulty, with modded hatchbacks in the Amateur class, which is a good starting point for players new to the GRID franchise. The cars in the Semi-Pro and Pro classes will be faster and more aerodynamic, including iconic touring cars like the Audi A4 quattro super touring car, which was also featured in the Xbox-exclusive Forza Motorsport series.

GRID Legends’ Drift Category Includes Drift-Tuned Icons

Every Car & Truck Type In GRID Legends Drifting Cars

Another fan-favorite category in the GRID franchise, and racing video games genre in general, is Drift. This is likely the class we’ll see the Mazda RX7 featured in, as GRID Legends has already confirmed the Mazda RX-7 FD3S Drift-Tuned will be one of the game’s 100+ cars. Although the Honda S2000 doesn’t appear in the confirmed car list on the official EA website, fans are hopeful the iconic car will make an appearance in GRID Legends’ drift category, as it did in previous GRID games. Codemasters has also confirmed there will be map routes designed for drifting, similar to Forza Horizon 5‘s drift zones, along with famous cars that have been purpose-built and modded for maximum drifting action.

GRID Legends Truck Class Includes Big Rig Semi-Trucks

Every Car & Truck Type In GRID Legends Truck Class Includes Fictional Trucks

An interesting vehicle class that isn’t often seen in racing games has been confirmed for GRID Legends. The game will feature a fleet of trucks for players to choose from. Although these trucks will likely be modded for higher performance, players can enjoy getting behind the wheel of a huge vehicle on some of the world’s most iconic racing circuits, side by side with cars of different classes.

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In addition to iconic trucks, GRID Legends features its own fictional vehicles, exclusive to the GRID franchise. At the smaller end of the scale, there’s the fictional Dumont T36 Brawler Sport that looks similar to Rocket League‘s Ford F-150 truck and is the size of a pickup truck. At the other end of the scale is GRID Legends‘ big rig semi-trailer truck: the Dumont Colossus, which will be one of the biggest vehicles seen in the series yet.

GRID Legends’ Specials Class Focuses On Unique Vehicles

Every Car & Truck Type In GRID Legends Gameplay Driving

GRID Legends’ Specials category is full of weird and wonderful vehicles from throughout motorsport history. This class aims to bring together the most interesting and unique racing cars. The Volkswagen Cup Car is a fun addition that has made appearances in other driving games, like Gran Turismo’s Volkswagen New Beetle Cup Car. GRID Legends gives racing fans who can’t play the PS5 exclusive Gran Turismo 7 a chance to enjoy driving cup cars. The Renault Clio Cup is listed in the confirmed car list for GRID Legends, so this might live in the Specials car class too. The Specials class will also include oval racers, vintage road icons, and ground-breaking race cars, giving fans an interesting variety of vehicles to enjoy.

Electric Cars Get Dedicated Electric Boost Event In GRID Legends

GRID Legends Electric Car Class Every Car Type In GRID

For the first time in GRID franchise history, Electric cars will get their own category in GRID Legends. The all-new Electric class will include electric hypercars, although GRID Legends car list doesn’t include any Tesla cars so far, nor does it include any of Forza Horizon 5‘s best electric supercars. As well as getting a category of their own, Electric cars will get a dedicated event. In the Electric Boost event, which exclusively features Electric cars, drivers collect boost along the route by passing through electrified gates on the racetrack to earn a surge of power for their vehicle.

GRID Legends Open Wheel Class Has Modern-Day Motorsport Icon

Every Car Truck Class In GRID Legends Open Wheel Racing Cars

GRID Legends’ Open Wheel category will comprise lightweight and nimble machines to test players’ control. As players level up and unlock the Pro difficulty tier, they’ll have access to some of the most powerful cars ever featured in GRID. Open Wheel driving is a popular feature in racing video games – even Rockstar Games’ GTA Online added Open Wheel Races.

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GRID Legends has confirmed its Open Wheel category will include a “modern-day motor racing icon”. It’s unclear what this will be, but it’s something GRID fans can look forward to driving. Players can also look forward to taking control of one of GRID Legends‘ fictional cars in the Open Wheel class, the Beltra Open Wheel.

GRID Legends Tuner Car Class: Audi R8 1:1 & Modded Machines

Every Car & Truck Type In GRID Legends Tuner Class Includes Audi R8

GRID Legends’ Tuner category aims to transform everyday, mass-market cars into racing cars on the street or circuit, thanks to engineering and modifications. The Tuner category includes everything from American muscle cars to Audi’s most iconic sports car, the Audi R8 1:1. Fans of modified and tweaked cars, especially racing game fans who were disappointed by the recent shutdown of several Need For Speed games, can look forward to driving extremely powerful machines in GRID Legends.

GRID Legends Track Day: Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

Every Car & Truck Type In GRID Legends Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

GRID Legends’ Track Day category is dedicated to icons of the racetrack. The Track Day car class will feature powerful performance vehicles, designed to be pushed to their limits. An iconic car confirmed to be in the Track Day car is the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Concept, which takes the ultimate hypercar genre to even greater extremes.

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The Valkyrie AMR Pro is the evolution of the Valkyrie Le Mans racer concept, aiming to perform as close to a Formula 1 racecar while being street legal. Aston Martin supercars are often featured in racing games, for example, the Aston Martin Valhalla in Rocket League. Also confirmed for the Track Day class is the legendary Shelby Cobra 289 FIA, which dominated tracks throughout the 1960s.

GRID Legends Brings Back GRID Franchise’s Popular GT Class

Every Car & Truck Type In GRID Legends GT Class Ginetta G40 GT5

Last, but not least, is GRID Legends’ GT car class. GT cars have always been a highlight of GRID games, and GRID Legends offering is no exception. In the Amateur difficulty tier, the GT class includes the Ginetta G40 GT5, the ultimate evolution of the G40 platform. As players level up, they’ll unlock faster machines in the higher tiers. The GT class’s Pro tier includes everything from Class 1 GTs to prototypes, like the Porsche 962C, a sports-prototype racing car built by Porsche. Forza Horizon 5‘s Ford GT isn’t included in the GRID Legends car list currently. However, the Panoz Esperante GTR-1, which was developed for grand tourer endurance racing in the 1990s and left its mark on motorsport history, is confirmed for GRID Legends‘ GT class.

GRID Legends promises to deliver a diverse driving experience, with nine classes of cars and trucks for players to choose from. With over 100 cars, 22 tracks, and 143 routes, GRID Legends should have something for different kinds of racing fans, from long-time players of the GRID franchise to beginner players who have never played a GRID racing game before. Although GRID Legends‘ car count does pale in comparison to Gran Turismo 7’s rumored 400+ cars, more vehicles are expected to be added to the game in the future.

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