Feds sue auto repair shop that paid former employee in pennies

Feds sue auto repair shop that paid former employee in pennies

The U.S. Division of Labor is suing the vehicle mend store that built headlines past yr by spending a former staff his remaining paycheck in pennies.

The fit, submitted Dec. 30 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, alleges that A Okay Walker Autoworks and its owner Miles Walker, discriminated from Andreas Flaten because he experienced named the Department of Labor to report not obtaining his final paycheck.

“Within hours of discovering that Mr. Flaten experienced complained to [the Wage and Hour Division] about not getting his very last paycheck, defendants determined to spend Mr. Flaten in pennies,” the match alleged.

In March of previous year, Flaten found 91,500 pennies in his driveway, in accordance to the suit. “Defendants left a duplicate of Mr. Flaten’s paycheck with an expletive penned on the outdoors.”

The Department of Labor also found that A Ok Walker Autoworks in Peachtree Metropolis had unsuccessful to pay out employees for additional time work given that at the very least April of 2019.

The accommodate also alleged that A Ok Walker Autoworks unsuccessful “to make, preserve and maintain adequate and exact documents of the folks used and of the wages, hours and other conditions and tactics of work maintained by them,” which is demanded by the Division of Labor.

A Alright Walker Autoworks did not right away answer to a ask for for comment on Friday.

Following receiving media interest for the penny stunt very last year, a webpage termed “Pennies” appeared on Okay Walker Autoworks’ site.

“Ahh, the pennies. What commenced out as a gotcha to a subpar ex-staff, sure got a large amount of press,” mentioned the site, in aspect.

“Sad to say, by regulation, we are unable to disclose his shortcomings. Permit us just say that it’s possible he stole? Maybe he killed a pet dog? Maybe he killed a cat? Maybe he was lazy? Possibly he was a butcher? Probably he preferred self-gratifying himself in clients’ automobiles?” it stated. “No matter what you want to consider is your prerogative. But know that no a person would go to the problems we did to make a point devoid of becoming motivated.”

The page went on to say that the U.S. Division of Labor informed the company that Flaten could be paid out in any denomination, and Flaten was paid additional than A Ok Walker Autoworks was “legally obligated to give him” for the reason that the company needed to incorporate the charge to course of action the improve.

The organization claimed that 100,003 pennies, 750 dimes, two quarters, a nickel, and Flaten’s pay back stub were being still left on his driveway.

Flaten had alleged that the pennies he was paid out were included in an oily material. A Okay Walker Autoworks denied the assert, and it was not outlined in the lawsuit.

“Pennies are income! They are federally backed United States currency and are fantastic for all debts general public or personal,” A Alright Walker Autoworks’ “Pennies” webpage reported.

A independent website page on the company’s web site peddles a branded shirt for $20, with the assure that a part of proceeds will be donated to charity. The back of the T-shirt reads: “A Penny for your Thoughts.”