Here’s How The 1967 Ford Fastback Mustang Compares With Its Competition

Here’s How The 1967 Ford Fastback Mustang Compares With Its Competition

The 1967 Ford Fastback Mustang is one of the best-looking fastbacks of all time. This specific model saw a major redesign for the Ford Mustang cars.

Although it was a cool car from the 1960s, it still had a ton of impressive competition from the likes of Chevrolet’s Camaro, and Pontiac’s Firebird. Ford’s decision to create this masterpiece was to outdo the competition. Therefore, many Mustang fans will want to see how it squares up.

Let’s take a look at how the 1967 Ford Fastback Mustang companies with its competition.

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What’s Under The Hood Of The 1967 Ford Fastback Mustang?

1967 Ford Fastback Mustang power

What sets a car apart from its competition is what’s under the hood. For the enhancement and redesign of the 1967 Ford Fastback Mustang, the car was kit out with a new 6.4-liter V8 engine for its base model. This beast could offer a whopping 320-hp.

To complement each of the five engines choices there were multiple transmission options and rear-axle options available. An optional GT pack also provided a sporty aestheticism and performance features such as stiffer suspension, wider tires, and quad exhausts.

In comparison, the Chevy Camaro could offer a 3.2-liter and the Pontiac Firebird was kit out with a 3.8-liter. When it comes to what performance the cars can offer, the Firebird just pulls it out of the bag. The Ford can offer up to a maximum of 320-hp, while the Pontiac Firebird from the same year can offer up to 325-hp. On the other hand, the Camaro offered 295-hp.

These figures can seem surprising as the Challenger can offer a bigger engine like the Mustang. However, the Firebird can pull it out of the bag thanks to its trim levels. The higher trim is a sports coupe, which is the model that can offer the most horsepower.

There’s Plenty Of Room For Modification

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback
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The 1967 Ford Fastback Mustang is one of the brand’s popular hot rods cars. To match its power and speed, owners sometimes take it upon themselves to align the look with the performance. Therefore, it is common for the 14 or 15-inch wheels to swap out for 18-inch wheels, which the Mustang can accommodate without tweaking the body at all.

What’s more, is that the interior and exterior are pretty easy to modify too. Although the likes of the Challenger (which hit the market in 1969) and Camaro are too, the Mustang boasts more sportiness and meanness with its much boxier shape, which made for a much cooler ride to modify. Therefore, the 1967 Ford Fastback Mustang proves to be a hit for people who want to drive it as it is as well as those who want to enhance it.

Although a car cannot be great overall for the ability to modify it, it certainly works its magic in the world of sports cars. Being able to kit out a sports car with bigger wheels and other features is every sports car driver’s dream.

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1967 Ford Fastback Mustang Units Sold

1967 Ford Mustang black
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Alike the top horsepower, it isn’t a surprise that the Pontiac Firebird from 1967 sold the most units. In total, over 67,000 units of the Firebird were in production during 1967, which we assume most of them sold. The 1967 Ford Fastback Mustang wins second place with 30,000 units sold. It was the most sold Mustang of the decade, which is likely down to its new engine and hot performance.

It is said that the Chevy Camaro only sold 602 units during 1967, which could be down to the huge competition it had.

Overall, the 1967 Ford Fastback Mustang did see a lot of tough competition. However, it squares up pretty well as it offers one of the biggest engines, almost the best performance, and sold almost the most models. It comes in at around first or second place, joint with the Challenger. That’s if it was put down to rounding up the performance, units sold, and modification abilities. It is a pretty impressive sports car and the improvement and redesign of the engine certainly prove to be worth it.

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