Ranking The 10 Most Luxurious JDM Sports Cars Ever Made

Ranking The 10 Most Luxurious JDM Sports Cars Ever Made

While American-made cars are often grouped as powerful and muscular gas-guzzlers that are made with quarter-mile times in mind, cars from the European markets are considered more focused on comfort and a more premium feel, while not losing footing in the power department. On the other end of the map, cars from the Japanese domestic market are often seen as reliable, affordable, and inexpensive to maintain.

Of course, such stereotyping does have its roots in reality as we have seen over decades of globalization, but that in no way means that JDM cars can’t be luxurious and premium. While there haven’t been as many Japanese luxury cars as there have been sports cars, we are here to take a look at the 10 most premium JDM vehicles ever made, and also rank them.

10 2004 Nissan Cedric

The Nissan Cedric was a long-running car from the Japanese market, and in its final avatar that ran till 2004, it remained mighty impressive. Designed to be a stable executive car with all the luxurious bells and whistles that come with it, the Cedric never put power aside and provided a great, robust, and comfortable experience for passengers.

While it offered rear-wheel-drive as standard, there was also the option of an all-wheel-drive powertrain all the way back in 2004, which was the final year this car ran before the Nissan Fuga took over, later on becoming the Infiniti Q70. It came as no surprise that this generation of the Cedric won the Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference Awards for Car of The Year as well as Technology of the Year.

9 2018 Lexus LC500

Japanese giant Toyota’s luxury division, Lexus, put every single European carmaker on notice with the 2018 Lexus LC, letting them know that they would now have to compete with them for domination of the luxury market. Lexus has been in the market for quite a while now, and they released one of their best-ever models in the form of the 2018 LC 500.

Sure, Lexus outfitted the LC with their world-class GA-L platform, but more than that, they also completed the experience with a top-of-the-line interior. Keeping on brand, the LC provided a completely quiet cabin, a remarkably smooth ride, and the classic, superb Lexus handling, making the LC one of the best luxury cars in the Japanese domestic market.

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8 2010 Nissan President

The Nissan President was the company’s flagship limousine and had debuted in 2001. It took over after its lower-segment sibling, the Cedric, ended production in 2010, to continue going head-to-head with rivals like the Toyota Century and the Mitsubishi Dignity.

In its 4-seater variant, the President was an extremely luxurious car, decked to the brim with features and a plethora of electronic devices which were controlled from a panel in the rear central armrest, which is where the occupants would be, while being chauffeured around town. Its crowning feature was the ‘relaxing seat’, wherein the left front passenger seat could be tilted forward, allowing the rear occupant behind to extend their seat and recline completely.

7 2019 Infiniti Q70L

Infiniti understands that the pinnacle of luxury car-making can only be achieved on an extended wheelbase executive vehicle. Therefore, Toyota’s luxury division added a remarkable 5 extra inches of legroom than what the standard Q70 offered with the Q70L variant.

With the Q70L, Infiniti offers heated rear seats and soft-close rear door technology as well, while the white ash wood trim truly ups the ante in Japanese craftsmanship.

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6 2019 Acura TLX Type-S

Acura had one of their best-ever models on their hands with the TLX, and the TLX Type-S only served to improve upon the existing car. The car made its debut in 2020 and took the fight straight to the BMW 3-series.

Even though the latter’s M340i offers more power, the Acura TLX Type-S has a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine that can’t be discounted at all, delivering 355 horses. Luxury has not been sidelined at all in this car, with a stylish blend of high-tech electronics and gorgeous leather upholstery that bolster the driving experience on every single seat of the car.

5 2019 Mazda6 Signature

Mazda has always stood out amongst its Japanese competition. Instead of going the way of others and creating a special luxury brand, Mazda came out with Mazda Premium models, and the Mazda6 Signature is a fine example of the same.

Hand-stitched leather and open grain wood adorn the interior of the Mazda6 Signature, truly creating a premium and luxury sedan feeling, taking all of its Japanese rivals head-on. With the innovative G-Vectoring Control System, the Mazda 6 Signature offers high-tech handling that asserts confidence on the road.

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4 2022 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid+

Acura is one of the most highly-awarded Japanese luxury car brands, and their mid-size sedan, the RLX Sport Hybrid shows exactly why. With the RLX, Acura offers spacious interiors and a comfortable riding experience bar none. Furthermore, Its state-of-the-art hybrid system not just improves fuel economy but also adds a kick to the car’s performance.

Running on a 3.5-liter V6 engine which has an electric motor integrated into it, the RLX hybrid sport has two electric motors that drive the rear wheels offering rear-axle steering as well. This provides excellent curve handling and extremely magical steering response.

3 2022 Infiniti QX60

One might wonder why the Infiniti QX60 is on this list rather than a QX80, but since the latter is essentially a rebranded Nissan Armada (apart from a few surface-level frills), the QX60 then comes out as a remarkably luxurious option from Nissan’s luxury division with great features and a redesigned interior that shines out from the rest of the pack as a great luxurious car to bring home.

With seats adorned in leather quilting, a beautifully-quilted dashboard, and a host of features that don’t make you miss out on any tech, the Infiniti QX60 doesn’t trade luxury for power either, with a V6 engine standard across the range that produces 295 horsepower.

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2 2022 Lexus LX 600

For 2022, Lexus redesigned their flagship SUV with an upgraded interior. Additionally, it now rides on a modernized platform. While the new LX 600 remains a great off-roader, it doesn’t skimp at all on luxury. With new interiors on the LX 600, Lexus has gone head-to-head with the likes of Range Rover, the Mercedes-Benz GLS, Toyota Land Cruiser, and even the BMW X7.

With leather upholstery all around, a Mark Levinson stereo system, and remarkably beautiful 22-inch wheels, the LX600 especially shines in its ultra-luxury package, with each seat getting an on-wheels salon treatment with 8-way heating and massage functions as well. Undoubtedly, its European rivals have been put on notice, as Lexus takes the fight to big Luxury SUVs and trades blows.

1 2018 Toyota Century

Toyota introduced the Century in 1967, and it has since become one of the most iconic models for the brand. It also happens to be the most expensive Toyota available, with the current generation models going for upwards of a staggering $180,000. Of course, this being the ultra-luxury car that it is, it comes with a monstrous V12 engine, while also being perhaps the quietest, most serene Japanese car ever made.

Toyota Century

Dubbed the Japanese S-Class, the Century often even draws comparisons to the Rolls-Royce too. It remains the go-to car for powerful Japanese figures who want to be seen in a native car rather than an imported one. An 11.6-inch screen that acts as television along with its own remote control is just the tip of the iceberg for what is easily the most luxurious Japanese car ever made. To be driven in a Toyota century is considered a great honor in Japan, and rightly so.

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