Why The 2022 BMW 230i Could Be A Fun Beginner Sports Car

Why The 2022 BMW 230i Could Be A Fun Beginner Sports Car

Many reasons exist why the new 230i by BMW could be a solid starter sports car. Several aspects lend themselves to beginners who want to learn more about sports cars. Whether it’s a bunch of driver-assistance programs, stability in performance, optional packages to supplement desirable features, or just the vehicle’s status as BMW’s official entry point for the 2 Series, the 2022 BMW 230i lends itself well to those new to driving sports cars. A lot more features also seem to be either familiar or user-friendly.

Read on to find out more of the beneficial aspects of the 2022 BMW 230i that make it suitable for more inexperienced drivers.

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2022 BMW 230i: Driving Assistance Is Helpful

Purple 2022 BMW 230i outside dealership
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A number of driver-assistance programs are included, which could help beginners get a sense of safety. For starters, the 5.1-inch driver information and the 8.8-inch infotainment display don’t hurt, and they also come standard. These are advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) all incorporated into the Active Driving Assistant safety suite, which allows drivers far more safety and security while driving compared to previous BMW models.

For example, speed limit information, active blindspot warning, frontal collision warning with pedestrian detection, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane-departure warning are all used to notify the driver and increase the safety of the driving experience. Further, existing ADAS cameras can be used via BMW Drive Recorder to record 40 seconds of driving, which may come in handy during any incidents where video evidence could be submitted on behalf of the driver. Not only is safety of paramount importance, but technology is as well.

Wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is also included, as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot and two USB ports. There’s also another feature called that has a lot of helpful features, such as navigation, real-time traffic, over-the-air updates, and connected apps, all offered through the iDrive 7 operating system. Three other features – a rearview camera, automatic parking assist, and adaptive cruise contro l- also do their part in assisting drivers with operating the vehicle safely, while a 360-degree surround-view is an option.

2022 BMW 230i: Starting Point For The Series

White 2022 BMW 230i on road
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The 2022 BMW 230i was considered the entry point for BMW’s 2 Series in America. They were chosen for their smaller but powerful and turbocharged engines, which are known for cars and motorcycles outside of BMW’s brand. In the BMW 230i, a 2.0-L turbocharged four-cylinder engine can put out 295 lb-ft of torque and 255 HP. Weight is also another aspect in favor of the 230i’s selection, as it’s lighter than the M240i due to less weight under the hood and front wheels, resulting in an overall lighter and faster front end.

That said, the main transmission for the 230i is the ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic transmission, as there is no manual option offered. Drivers seem to enjoy the automatic transmission and find the engine performing admirably. There are talks of BMW’s next generation of 2 Series vehicles being fully electric, so this 230i could be part of their final generation of gasoline-powered vehicles.

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2022 BMW 230i: Affordable, Yet Stable

Purple 2022 BMW 230i, front view
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The 2022 BMW 230i offers a lot of stability while driving at a reasonable price. The M Division, now entering its 50th year, is among BMW’s most famous sports cars. However, the 230i is chosen before its M Performance counterpart. Flexibility is key, as the 230i has demonstrated superior rotation ability thanks to its drivetrain. Further, the lack of front running gear ensures that the 230i takes the weight off the front axle, resulting in superior steering response and feel, as well as its overall turning ability.

As mentioned earlier, its engine has enough power to perform admirably, and as an added bonus, the 230i gets good fuel economy even with its powerful turbocharged engine. Also, there is the matter of price, as the 230i costs $12,000 less than the M240i, which comes out to better value for the amount of power offered in each vehicle. The 230i has a starting MSRP of $36,000.

2022 BMW 230i: Packages Add Customization Options

Red 2022 BMW 230i, passenger side view
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Several optional (but additional) packages are available to help drivers customize the 2022 BMW 230i to their liking. Of course, as with any package options, the initial $36,000 cost can increase anywhere from slightly to exponentially. One package is the $1,900 dynamic package, which offers M Sport differential and brakes.

Another option, the $3,250 M Sport package, includes variable steering, ambient lighting, and sport suspension. Finally, there’s an option for the $2,650 premium package, which includes a head-up display, adaptive LED lights, and heated seats. Even with all these package options, the 230i is still cheaper than the M240i.

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